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Our Story

Hannah & John came together and realized their opportunity to show others the beautiful world below.

About Us


Hannah and John, the founders of Ocean Outcasts, are best friends who share a passion for diving and exploring. They found themselves drawn together by their love for the ocean, and their desire to protect it. Their mission is to show others how beautiful underwater life can be, and inspire them to dive in themselves. The pair founded Ocean Outcasts to pursue their shared dream: an underwater world that is both healthy and accessible to everyone.. The ultimate goal is to educate and inspire others to join us in our underwater efforts. We are deeply passionate about all things ocean, but we recognize that knowledge is power, Being an Ocean Outcast isn’t just about being in the water. It’s about preservation and independence, and creating a sustainable future for oneself, their community and our oceans.


Hannah Patten

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Let me introduce you to Hannah, not just our Chief Stew, but also the passionate founder of Hülya Swim, an eco-friendly swimwear line. Four years ago, she couldn't ignore the alarming amount of plastic choking our oceans and waterways, and that's when her mission began. Hannah decided to create a bikini collection that would incorporate recycled plastics from the ocean, turning her concern into action. Her designs are a beautiful reflection of her deep connection with the ocean, drawing inspiration from her own experiences with its wonders.

Through her twin endeavors, Hülya Swim and Ocean Outcasts, Hannah aims to create awareness and instill compassion for the ocean. Her desire is to inspire others to join her in protecting our planet and its precious seas. Now, with the support of Motor Yacht Hülya, she plans to unify her vision and drive her mission further than ever before. Together, Hannah envisions a world where everyone takes a stand for our planet and its oceans, leaving a positive impact on the environment for generations to come.


John Garza

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Meet Captain John, a lifelong environmentalist with a deep passion for the ocean. His mission is to awaken compassion and love for the sea by merging his love for diving and marine exploration with captivating images of its unique beauty. You've probably seen John's incredible photography on the covers of respected magazines, in compelling advertisements, and even in eco-advocacy campaigns.

An avid Free Diver, Scuba Diver, and Professional Photographer, John goes beyond capturing stunning shots. He's on a mission to educate people about the precious environments of our oceans using his creative talents.

Now, embarking on his latest adventure as the captain of the remarkable Motor Yacht Hülya and as a Co-Founder of "Ocean Outcasts," John seeks to change how people perceive and interact with sharks and marine wildlife. He wants to inspire a fresh appreciation for these majestic creatures and promote responsible practices to protect their habitats.

Living life aboard Motor Yacht Hülya, Captain John sets an inspiring example for others. His passion, coupled with his artistic vision, motivates people to join the cause and become true ocean advocates.


Olivia Miller

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Meet Olivia, a passionate ocean conservationist who is driven to ensure a positive future for our oceans. Olivia is a marine scientist, underwater photographer, shark diver, and naturalist living in Hawaii and working on the water with various wildlife every day. Initially driven by her love for sharks Olivia left her home state of Montana to move closer to the ocean and pursue a future on the water. 

Living in Hawaii Olivia works for ecotourism company Hawaiian Adventures Kona where daily she gets to teach guests about the ocean and the magnificent wildlife that it holds. She aims to create an awareness surrounding our ocean ecosystems to further the preservation of our marine environment. 

Olivia initially joined the Ocean Outcasts team in 2021 joining in on our signature whale shark expedition to Mexico. She was Hannah’s second stew on a previous vessel and returned back to Mexico with the Ocean Outcasts team in 2022. 

Andrew Aggergaard

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Born and raised on the pristine waters of the Salish Sea in Washington State, Captain Andrew Aggergaard has been captivated by ocean ecosystems and their inhabitants from a very young age. Having spent extensive time exploring the San Juan Islands in search of Killer Whales and Humpback Whales Andrew has become an accomplished boat operator, photographer, and marine naturalist. In recent years Captain Andrew has been guiding fellow ocean enthusiasts in the deep waters off the coast of Kona, Hawai’i. 

Passionate about the preservation of our delicate ocean ecosystems, Captain Andrew continues to show travelers from all walks of life the splendor of the ocean both above and below the surface. Andrew’s main mission is to showcase the beauty of the ocean though in-person expeditions and unique photography and videography projects in hopes of fostering an ocean first mindset in as many people as possible. 

As a professional wildlife photographer and ocean educator Andrew strives to create lifelong and impactful memories when guiding clients into the most amazing environments on the planet.

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