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What is an Expedition? 

We are so glad you asked! 

Expeditions are journeys and voyages undertaken by a group of people, often with a particular purpose. Everyone is an explorer at some point in their life. And, since not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world, we bring it to you. We create a shared expedition experience through our small groups, expert local guides and handpicked destinations that are carefully selected.


About Your Guides, John & Hannah

Hannah & John came together and realized their opportunity to show others the beautiful world below.


Ocean Outcasts is a lifestyle brand centered in the ocean. We are united through photography, and comprised of like-minded individuals who love to explore the oceans, islands, reefs and big blue world through carefully planned and executed expeditions and imagery you can hang in your home. Join us on photographic adventures of your own as we share our stories with you. Ocean outcasts was founded for those who were born to stand out, for those who love the ocean and her inhabitants.

Our Partners

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