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Our Media Services

Hannah & John have spent years traveling the blue ocean filming and photographing what lies below. From the tiniest resident to the largest creatures of the deep, our intention is to inspire you to explore your own wonder of the world's oceans. Contact us for more information on pricing, equipment, and any questions you may have.


Your well-crafted videography has a deep impact on your audience. Hannah & John have been filming for years, creating beautiful cinematography and content for a wide range of clients. Get your own creations from some of the best camera gear in the industry.

Underwater Photography & Videography

As a team with years of underwater experience in and around wild life, Hannah and John have extensive knowledge of the underwater world. They specialize in cinematography filming of marine life, with their equipment consisting of the new Nikon Z9 camera, the Z7 and the Red Monstro.


Hannah & John are a team that does it all! Their images have graced magazine covers, aquariums, advertisements, and more! Our style is anything goes - nothing can stop our imagination!

Our Proudest Campaigns

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