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Welcome All Outcasts

Welcome to Ocean Outcast, a haven for souls untamed by the ordinary, drawn together by the siren song of the sea. We are a motley crew, comprised of captains, yacht chefs, stews, cruisers, divers, snorkelers, surfers, foilers, pirates, and revelers. Our common thread? A love so deep for the ocean that it courses through our veins like the ancient tales of the mariners.

Where we come from

In the mystical realms of Ocean Outcast, we tread a path less traveled, following in the ethereal footsteps of the outcasts who came before us. Here, where the moonlit waves weave tales of old and the starlit sky guides our vessels, we find solace. For we are not simply a company; we are a tribe connected by the ebb and flow of the enchanting sea.


Rules of the Outcasts:

1. Converse with the Ocean: The sea is not just water; it's a living entity with stories to tell. Respect its whispers, and in return, it shall reveal its secrets. Leave no trace and ensure the ocean remains as vibrant for the generations to come.

2. Dance with the Spirits: Embrace the diversity of our crew, for each member is a spirit contributing to the mystical tapestry of Ocean Outcast. Learn from one another, share tales, and celebrate the magic within. And always remember, there is no such thing as perfection.

3. Solidarity of the Tides: When the ship falters or the compass spins wild, call upon your brethren. We stand united, ready to aid without query, our bonds forged in the mystical waters that surround us.

4. Butter of the Gods: When in need, whether adrift on a charter or navigating the waves on a surf trip, call upon the Outcast spirits. A stick of butter or a helping hand, we shall provide, for we are all outcasts on this magical voyage.

5. Respect The Locals: Honor the communities and cultures of the coastal regions we visit. Whether interacting with fishermen, villagers, or indigenous peoples, approach with humility, curiosity, and respect. Seek to learn from their wisdom, customs, and connection to the sea, fostering harmonious relationships that enrich our experiences and leave a positive impact on the places we explore. Remember, you chose this lifestyle, and part of being a true Outcast is supporting the livelihoods of the locals. When we travel to their countries, let us spend money in their shops, supporting their businesses, and ensuring that our presence benefits those who call these coastal regions home.

Guardian of  Island Secrets

Safeguard the secrecy of sacred places until you encounter someone who demonstrates unwavering loyalty, ensuring they remain untouched by the allure of mass tourism. These hidden gems hold profound significance, reserved for those who appreciate their true value and safeguard their mystical allure.


Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge the ordinary, to navigate the seas of conformity, and to inspire a generation of free spirits who hear the beckoning of the ocean's song. We sail not merely for expeditions, but to unravel the mysteries of the deep, to celebrate the diversity of the maritime world, and to cultivate a tribe of like-minded souls who share in the enchantment of the boundless blue.

In the creation of Ocean Outcast, we have woven a tapestry of dreams, challenges, and triumphs—an epic tale where outcasts became pioneers, and the sea, our eternal companion, embraced us as its own. As we navigate the unpredictable currents of the future, our purpose remains steadfast: to revel in the magic of the ocean, to nurture a community of kindred spirits, and to etch our stories into the eternal lore of the seafaring souls who dare to follow the call of the sea.

When you join the other outcasts

When you join the mystical realms of Ocean Outcast, you embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. As an official member, you gain access to our exclusive secret Group Chat & Secret Web Page, a virtual haven for misfits, mariners, and kindred spirits alike. Here, the digital waves carry tales of adventure, shared experiences, and the camaraderie that binds us on our seafaring odyssey.

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