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What Happens When You Join

When you join the mystical realms of Ocean Outcast, you embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. As an official member, you gain access to our exclusive secret Group Chat & Secret Web Page, a virtual haven for misfits, mariners, and kindred spirits alike. Here, the digital waves carry tales of adventure, shared experiences, and the camaraderie that binds us on our seafaring odyssey.


Once you join our ocean-loving tribe, the adventure truly begins. After signing up through our forum, you'll be granted access to our clandestine sanctuary, the Hidden Web Haven. Here, amidst the digital depths, you'll find yourself immersed in a community of like-minded Outcasts, where stories flow freely, advice is shared generously, and impromptu meet-ups are just a click away.

But that's not all. As a newly initiated member, you'll have the opportunity to order your exclusive Ocean Outcasts swag, a tangible token of your connection to our mystical maritime world. From emblematic stickers and apparel to maritime accessories, each item is a reminder of the boundless adventure that awaits.

From there, the journey is yours to navigate. Engage with fellow Outcasts, join discussions, and uncover hidden treasures within the community. And when the time is right, take the plunge and connect with local ocean lovers in your area. Whether it's a coastal cleanup, a sailing expedition, or simply sharing tales over a beach bonfire, the bonds you forge will echo the unity and spirit of Ocean Outcasts worldwide.

The ocean calls, and the adventure awaits. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary voyage?


1. Hidden Web Haven for Misfits: Delve into the depths of our Hidden Web Haven, a clandestine sanctuary where fellow Outcasts converge to share tales, seek guidance, and organize spontaneous gatherings. Connect with captains, divers, surfers, and a multitude of kindred spirits who resonate with the magnetic pull of the open seas. Here, the community thrives, weaving bonds that surpass the confines of the digital domain.

2. Swag Box - Unbox the Ocean Outcast Spirit: Upon joining, prepare to purchase the legendary Ocean Outcast Swag Box. This carefully curated treasure chest is filled with emblematic tokens that capture the spirit of the sea. From mystical stickers and exclusive apparel to maritime accessories, each item is a tangible reminder of your connection to the Outcast tribe. Unbox the magic and wear your Outcast pride with the swag that symbolizes your journey into the unknown.

3. Virtual Bonfires and Sea Shanty Sessions: Join our virtual bonfires and sea shanty sessions, where the digital flames dance to the rhythm of the ocean's heartbeat. Share tales of your maritime escapades, hear the sea shanties of fellow Outcasts, and let the warmth of camaraderie engulf you. These gatherings foster a sense of community, even when the waves physically keep us apart.

4. Acts of Outcast Kindness: Participate in Acts of Outcast Kindness, where the community comes together to support one another. Whether it's offering advice, sharing resources, or providing a virtual shoulder to lean on during challenging times, the Outcast community stands united in a network of compassion and understanding.

5. Secret Codes and Hidden Treasures: Discover secret codes and hidden treasures within the community, unlocking exclusive insights, special offers, and mysterious surprises. The more you engage, the more you unravel the mystical layers of the Ocean Outcast experience.

Welcome aboard, fellow Outcast! As you navigate these uncharted waters, may the bonds forged within our community guide you, and the digital sea become a source of inspiration, friendship, and endless adventure. The ocean calls, and together, we shall answer.

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